Tangible Asset & Project Management

Making wealth a source of joy

We take the stress and hassle out of managing your assets and develop, consult and manage projects.

Our tangible asset  & project management includes the following:

  • real estates (fixed and mobile), mobile structures & constructions, trade. 

  • yachts

  • aircrafts

  • cars

  • watches & jewelries

  • art

  • wine & spirit

Family Business Services

Keeping an eye on your family business affairs

We structure, organize, manage and support your family business affairs and have an eye on it.

Housekeeping personnel management

  • social- and health security issues

  • administrative work

  • training & coaching

  • payroll accounting

  • recruitment

  • supervision



  • private office organization and enhancement

  • secretarial services

  • appointment management

Family-owned enterprises

  • accounting

  • controlling & structuring 

  • project management & support

  • appointment management

Business Development

Thinking about the future

We transfer our know-how, by advising families offices in the development and expansion of our specific family business services and tangible asset management. Once a project has been successfully launched, we pull back – but are available on a coaching basis for ad-hoc requests.

We can help and advise if you decide to share your wealth with others - whether you wish to engage in philanthropic activities, or pass on your wealth and values to the next generation.

We support projects, share our expertise, and organize workshops and coaching sessions.

We help you to ensure that assets, paired with a strong sense of responsibility, are a source of immense satisfaction, leave a lasting legacy, and continue to bring happiness well into the future.


Surrounded by beauty

We make the beautiful things in your life even more attractive.

We provide and coordinate creative services such as interior and landscape design.

Our specialists support your projects from concept to completion, providing fresh ideas and expert advice. Ensuring that luxury is a delight to be savoured.